Valleyview Students take control of a $2M robot

Elementary kids take controls of $2M robot

Recently our ACCEL students were featured in the Lakeland Ledger after visiting Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center on January 24, 2019. The group of 10 students was hosted by surgeon Dr. Lourdes Pelaez-Echevarria. The students began their day by learning about the $2M robot which they would have the opportunity to “play” with later in the day. The class was attentive and asked many thought provoking questions such as the weight of the machine, the types of surgery it could perform, and questions pertaining to the operation of the machine.


Once the students gained their first glimpse of the robot, there were many expressions of awe and excitement. Students were split into two teams to rotate through activities developed by Dr. Pelaez and her team. One activity was actually operating the robot on the student-named patient, Joe-Bob, while the other was a simulation game which gave scores to the students based on multiple categories. The students were elated to have a competition of  high score on the simulation machine and also a timed competition to get the rubber bands in the appropriate locations with the robot. One student, after winning the competition, even mentioned that he may need to re-think his career goals. The students were intrigued to see their time playing video games could payoff with a future career.


A special thank you to Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center, Dr. Peleaz-Echevarria and her team, as well as DaVinci Intuitive Reps for hosting the ACCEL class. This was an experience they will always remember!

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