Welcome to Art at Polk City Elementary!

Dear Parents and Guardians:

My name is Oriana Russe, and I am the art teacher here at Polk City Elementary.  I am from Lake County area, and I’ve actually taught High School and Middle School before settling into Elementary School.  Which makes it just about 8 years of teaching Art.   Of course as you may have guessed, some of my hobbies are drawing, painting and taking pictures.  I speak fluent Spanish, and some intermediate French, although I’ve been told I have a Canadian accent.

Art education is for all students. It is a learning opportunity for the artistically talented, as well as for students who may never make art outside the classroom. In any case, I will be encouraging your child’s to try everything.

Click Here for Art Rubric

My main goal is to spark student’s imagination to express themselves visually and creatively through artistic medium. In my class, I want the students to explore different mediums, such as drawing, painting, printmaking, collaging, ceramics and 3D sculptures.  Each medium sometimes needs its own set of rules. But the overall rules, are: staying in your seat, being respectful, listen to the teacher, and cleaning up after ourselves.

I will continue to use Class Dojo and PBS rewards for students in all grades to help promote good behavior.

If you have any questions, please call me at (863) 965-6338.

Thank you for your support of the Arts in Polk City Elementary.

Oriana Russe - Art Educator

P.S. Although I have aprons and I teach responsible behavior when it comes to art materials I have a little tip to share.  What kind of clothes to wear in art, you ask? Well a slightly used or older shirt on art days is perfect. Or maybe that one shirt they got a stain on from art class, just make sure they wear it on art days.

Supplies Wish List

Tempera Paint
How to draw art books (for the classroom library)
Bottles of Glue
Old Legos
Old K’nex
Crayola Oil Pastels
Crayola Markers
Permanent Markers
Storage Bags Gallon sized
Disinfecting Wipes
Sterilite Pencil Boxes
Old cups bottles glasses for still lifes
Bubble Wrap (comes in your packages)
Old Animal Skulls/Bonespolon
Lace Pieces

Calling all artists

Do you know any family members or friends who might like to visit our classroom and show us their art skills….. Quilters, painter’s, water colorists, whittlers, sculptors, or folk artists we’d be delighted to have you visit our class.